Project volunteer from Sudoměřice

How should you let your kids aware that in some countries there are people in need? Kateřina Janečková and her husband Josef were thinking about that. Luckily the answer came by itself. When African seminarists and priests came to the Czech Republic, her family helped them to travel across the Moravian region. Whole family continuously felt in love with Zambia and soon they were invited to visit one of the Zambian families. “After that we started helping in Africa. First we with other Christians collected money for building a church but we collected such a big amount that we were also able to build a school. And further help continues.” says Katka. Now whole her family life is full of Zambia. Children are telling their friends in Sudoměřice about life in Zambia and together with their parents they take part in café fundraising campaigns, concerts and other activities.” The fact that we can help people together really makes our family more unite.” adds Katka.

Kateřina´s experience from Africa

At first, Kateřina only knew Zambia from the stories of her guests. Her family sympathized with African people and wanted to pass them their values and believed that they can help them this way. “But when I came to Zambia I discovered that the Africans are happy with their lives. They don’t wait for your money. They need to know that they are not alone in their everyday difficulties. That is what helps them to manage better their problems,” says Katka.