The village Chiparamba is located in the eastern Zambia, approx. 20 kilometres from the city Chipata, between the hills close to the borders of Malawi. Even the name “chipata” means “between the mountains” in local language Nyanja. This area is famous for its natural beauty.

Elementary school in Chiparamba is attended by boys and girls from the first to seventh grade. More than 300 pupils come from 16 surrounding villages. There are two state teachers and two volunteers. Education in Zambia often suffers from poor quality and project Chiparamba Trust Organisation is trying to change it. Project coordinator John Zimba cooperates with teachers, village representatives and parents in order to improve local education.

Chiparamba Trust Organisation is a NGO working in the area with the aim of raising up children and offering elementary education. This organisation helps them to cultivate skills and crafts (such as sewing and farming), which is a way to prevent underage marriages and drug abuse. Children and young people use it to escape idleness and life with no future expectations.

Volunteers, including school graduates frequently help local teachers.

Czech volunteers and Chiparamba Trust Organisation also help to obtain financial contributions from other institutions such as Ministry of Education Youth and Sport or Czech embassy.