Church in Kachingwe

Believers –from small children to old people- walk up to 10 kilometres to reach the church in Kachingwe. Formerly the church was comprised of an adobe building and a small straw hutch but it was not enough for believers.  That’s why donors from the town Sudoměřice and surrounding together with donors from other parts of southern Moravia and Bohemia collected and donated money for a new church.  Zambians themselves built the church during the autumn 2016 and held Christmas Holy Mass.

The church is now a respectable building for holy ceremonies and also a meeting place for surrounding communities. They can learn important information and various life advices there.

School in Chiparamba

School in Chiparamba was originally comprised of three straw shelters. After the rains it was no longer possible to teach there.  Moreover pupils who were walking long distances to reach the school, did not have proper facilities.  In 2017 Zambians were able to build a new school using fired bricks made with their own hands, thanks to the help of Czech donors.

Apart from education, school is also used for debates between teachers and village chiefs. They hold meetings every first Friday in month about the project of Chiparamba Trust Organisation and try to solve local problems.

Near the school there is going to be established a training centre where girls will learn how to sew by sewing machine and boys will learn farming.

Container for Zambia

Equipment for beginning dressmakers and farmers, stationery, school counters, backpacks, and other school equipment, healthcare necessities….Material collection campaign Container for Zambia was declared by Christians from Sudoměřice with the help of Archdiocesan Caritas of Olomouc in spring  2018.

Materials from campaign will help to equip school and planned training centre, where boys are going to learn farming and girls are going to learn how to sew on sewing machine. This way children will learn how to take care of themselves and fill their free time. This can help with social problems such as drug abuse and underage marriages. There two problems are negatively affecting life in the poor areas.

Volunteers, including school graduates, will help lectors.

In the training centre there are planned courses for teachers from other school in Zambian rural areas. They will receive further training about how to teach properly.