This is Madaliso Community School just a stone’s throw from Chipata Town. The headteacher explains that he usually sends off all the 348 children enrolled to their homes whenever he sees it’s about to rain. Weired not so?? However, he does so because accessing this school, kids have to cross these streams which unfortunately have no bridges, but dry up after rainy season. These streams can get really flooded after some downpours. Exacerbated by lack of quality infrastructure, extremely poor road, it’s even more difficult to deliver quality education on the backdrop of only six teachers in the school. The school runs from early childhood to Grade 7. As Chiparamba Trust Organisation, we decided to go on a fact finding mission and see how we could help, but ofcourse carrying some assorted items for the school in an effort to motivate the learners. The encounter with the kids and teachers was awesome and moment a of reflection that the struggle for a better quality education for all is still miles ahead. Personally inspired that against all odds, these children have chosen hope over failure .#ChiparambaTrustOrganisation#QualityEducation4ALL#